OTB Patterns

Pyrography, or Woodburning, a new category?

USA Eagle FlagWhen I started putting this web site together to offer patterns, I called it "Outside the Box" because I hoped that I and those who used my patterns could find many interesting ways to incorporate the patterns into different types of hobbies, or businesses. I have had many people request drawings or patterns for projects they are doing, and I have alway tried to oblige. Sometimes, I haven't even charged for making the drawing as I was able to incorporate it somewhere within the different patterns I am offering.

One hobby I totally missed until recently is Woodburning. Looking at some of the items people are making, I realized many of the free patterns offered here would be perfect for different creations. I also have drawings that I have never been able to use, that just might work well for woodburning.

If you are looking for a new hobby, or are doing woodburning now, I hope you will take a look through out web site for patterns. Remember, I can resize any pattern to any size you might want.


International Customers

Due to the increased costs for mailing patterns to foreign countries (including Canada, and Mexico), starting July 1, 2016, we will email patterns in PDF format to ALL foreign customers using the email address supplied by PayPal. Sorry for any inconvenience, we strive to keep our costs as reasonable as possible.

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Don't Forget the Holidays

No matter if you are a professional, or hobbist, woodwork, or leathercrafter, there are a number of holidays throughout the year you can take advantage of to plan your work. We have plenty of patterns suitable for those special times. Don't let a great gift giving, or selling opportunity slip by.

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