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Show your American Pride!!!

USA Eagle FlagShow your 'American Pride' with this combination Bald Eagle, and American Flag scroll saw pattern you can download absolutely free. This pattern may also be used for a leather craft pattern, or trace onto a board to paint your flag. Complete instructions included to create an item to proudly display.

Download a copy of the pdf file here: USA Flag Eagle Pattern

International Customers

Due to the increased costs for mailing patterns to foreign countries (including Canada, and Mexico), starting July 1, 2016, we will email patterns in PDF format to ALL foreign customers using the email address supplied by PayPal. Sorry for any inconvenience, we strive to keep our costs as reasonable as possible.

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OTB Patterns Store

You are invited to visit our OTB Patterns Store where you will find some great tools to work with including Scroll Saws, Scroll Saw Blades, Leathercrafting tools, and clock inserts.

Add to your library. Learn Scroll sawing or raise Your Skill Level, and increase your enjoyment of working with wood. Choose from hundreds of Book Titles.

ATTENTION  "Cowboy Action Shooters" and "Old West Reenactors"

Our totally revised Gun Cart Woodwork Plans make it easy for you to build a gun cart that can be taken apart for storage, or to place in the trunk of your car to haul to the matches.

Why spend $300 to $500 for a gun cart when you can build and personalize your own gun cart for less than $100? Our complete gun cart woodwork plans include a list of all parts you can cut yourself, plus a list of items you need to purchase, and where to get them. YOU don't have to be a professional woodworker to build a gun cart using our plans. A few basic tools is all you need.

If you are tired of hauling your guns around at cowboy matches, then this could be just the item for you.

This is a complete set of plans to build a gun cart for four rifles/shotguns, that can easily be taken apart to place in the trunk of your car, yet is substantial enough to take any abuse you might give it. No doors, so you can move from stage to stage with the actions open on your rifles. Use the box for your ammo, cleaning supplies, snacks and water. Use the box lid as a seat.

All materials, and parts are listed, and are easily obtainable from you local hardware store.

As of June 2015, we have sold over 1,000 plans since our first Gun Cart Pattern was introduced in 2009.

Complete Plans are just $9.95 $6.50 post paid. Order Plan #605. Available only to Addresses in the USA.

Don't Forget the Holidays

No matter if you are a professional, or hobbist, woodwork, or leathercrafter, there are a number of holidays throughout the year you can take advantage of to plan your work. We have plenty of patterns suitable for those special times. Don't let a great gift giving, or selling opportunity slip by.

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