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All of our pattern designs are copyrighted. Some patterns are derived from artwork or photography created by other artists. NO copyright whatsoever is claimed over the original work; instead it is our interpretation of the original work that is copyrighted. These designs may not be copied, published, reproduced or used in any form beyond what is defined by this agreement without the written consent of Outside the Box. Email jimh@otbpatterns.com to request consent.

The right to use any pattern design for the purpose of creating a finished item out of wood, leather, metal, or other materials is being purchased; not ownership of the pattern design.

There is no limit to the number of copies the purchaser may make of the pattern design. Enlargements are also acceptable. Print this agreement to show to your copy center if they require authorization.

Except for our "free" patterns, copies of our pattern designs may not be traded, sold or given away. If someone would like a copy of our pattern, please refer them to our website or have them email jimh@otbpatterns.com.

Products the purchaser of our patterns has made using our designs may be sold.

Our free patterns are exactly that. You are welcome to use them, or modify them in any way you chose. Contact me if you want a pattern changed as I have the original drawings of all patterns listed on this site, and can make just about any type of change you might want. Purchasing a copy of a pattern design declares you have read, understand and agree with this pattern use agreement.

Signed JD Hurt,
DBA JD Hurt Design.

Created in Utah, USA

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